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St. Govan’s chapel Pembrokeshire

9 February 2021

I’ve always loved the thought of this chapel ‘wedged’ between the cliffs and was delighted to see it for the first time last year. This image is created  in pastel and measures 35 x 35 cm

Walking down to Druidstone

23 January 2021

Druidstone is a gorgeous beach at St Bride’s Bay, Pembrokeshire and it is overlooked by the wonderful Druidstone Hotel, perched on top of the cliff. This pastel is 35 x 35 cm

Malvern Hills

23 November 2020

It was lovely, this week, to work with the beauty of soft pastels to create this view of the Malvern Hills. There is something so peaceful about working with pastels.

Contemporary block hand printed products

22 November 2020

This collage is of the contemporary products I’ve made from my block hand printed fabric

Glimpses of Worcestershire – Little Malvern Priory

23 July 2020

I love happening across this priory and had the joy of walking on the Malverns this week and ‘finding’ it nestled in the hillside

Covid 19 diary week 19

23 July 2020

Cases and deaths in America soar and Boris predicts it will be over for Christmas

Covid 19 diary week 18

23 July 2020

More government catch phrases – ‘eat out to help out’ and ‘work out to help out’. Care homes get blamed. BAME pregnant women have more to fear AND Wales welcomed us home!

Block hand printed on linen – Magnolia

12 July 2020

There is a beautiful magnolia tree in my neighbourhood with the most stunning blooms and leaves – it inspired me and subsequently led to the creation of this hand printed fabric.

Covid 19 diary week 17

5 July 2020

The beginning of Chapter 2 as we become partially un-locked (apart from Leicester) with hairdressers and pubs re-opening

Covid 19 diary week 16

Covid 19 diary week 16
28 June 2020

Boris gave us bubbles and bridges